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Today there are many state- of- the- art treatment options to address your dry eye symptoms,and more importantly, start working on the underlying cause of the disease to get you on a path to consistent relief. Dr. Showalter uses many of the traditional treatment options, such as artificial tears, ointments and lid hygiene. However, she uses the following technology for more advanced dry eye diseases.

  • Tear Lab
  • InflammaDry
  • LipiScan
  • Korb Meibomian Gland Evaluator
  • LipiFlow
  • Phenol Red Tread Testing
  • Vital Dyes

Artificial Tears

Artificial fears are typically the first treatment for Dry Eye Disease. There are many different artificial tears available, so it is important lo consult your doctor as to which prescription is most appropriate for your eyes.

Punctal Plugs

Patients with Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye may require punctol occlusion. Small silicone plugs are inserted into the puncla, thereby blocking tear drainage from the eye and increasing the volume of tears in the eye.

Nutrition & Lid Hygiene

Diet is an important consideration in dry eye patients. Many Americans do not have sufficient Omega 3s in their diet. Supplementation with medical grade fish oil has been proven to improve patients symptoms and clinical findings in dry eye patients. Additionally. many dry eye patients need lo maintain the health of the ocular surface with the use of a daily lid cleansing routine lo keep the Meibomian Glands free of obstruction.

Prokera Amniotic Membrane

Patients with moderate to severe dry eye may have persistent damage to the corneal surface. These patients will likely benefit from treatment with a Prokera Amniotic Membrane. Donated amniotic tissue is held in place over the cornea with a small ring for several days. This tissue promotes corneal healing and can keep even severely dry eyes comfortable for months after removal.

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