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Dr. Showalter will perform a series of diagnostic tests using the latest technology to thoroughly evaluate your ocular surface condition. These tests help determine your customized course of treatment.

This assessment includes:


The TearLab is an extremely accurate laboratory test performed in office that takes a small sample of the tears and measures the salt concentration in the tears. Dry Eye sufferers typically have overly concentrated (hyperosmolar) tears, which leads to ocular discomfort and inflammation.


InflammaDry is another laboratory test that takes a sample of the tears and conjunctival cells and determines if inflammatory markers (MMP-9) are present on the surface of the eye. This helps your doctor determine appropriate treatments for your dry eye condition.


LipiScan images the Meibomian Glands in your eyelids to evaluate the structure of your glands and determine if gland atrophy has occurred.

Korb Meibomian Gland Evaluator:

Your doctor will use the Korb evaluator to apply gentle pressure to the base of your eyelids to look at the oils released from the glands and evaluate the function of your Meibomian Glands.

Vital Dyes:

Vital dyes are used by your doctor to look for damage on the surface of the eye and to evaluate the stability of the tear film.

Phenol Red Thread Test:

The Phenol Red Thread test measures your baseline tear production to determine if your eyes are producing enough tears to keep the ocular surface healthy and comfortable.

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